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Petrol or diesel for towing?

Petrol or diesel for towing?

Hi I do about 6,000 miles a year all on secondary roads 1,000 of them miles are done pulling a cow box so I am thinking of up grading my car but not sure whether to go for a petrol or diesel?


Hi Anthony,

If it were not for your towing needs, we'd recommend you stay away from diesel as you cover such low mileage, and modern diesels don't work so well on short hops and low-speed journeys, as various components, including the DPF, can get clogged up. 

Nonetheless, diesels are usually better for towing, and you might struggle to find a good enough petrol vehicle to do that for you. An electric or hybrid model might fit the bill depending massively on your budget and if you can easily charge a car up.

Shane O' Donoghue - 19-Oct-2020