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2010 Kia Sportage SUV Review

This sharp-suited junior SUV comes loaded with standard kit and a choice of economical and efficient engines.



The Sportage lineage actually dates back to 1993, but we recommend any potential owners stretch their budgets to only include the post-2010 third generation model. Do so and you’ll find yourself looking at one of the most complete cars to come out of Korea. This sharp-suited junior SUV comes loaded with standard kit and a choice of economical and efficient engines - and even as a used buyer you’ll benefit from Kia’s seven-year warranty.


Of course narrowing our search to post-2010 models does cut down on the cars available on the used market, but there’s still plenty to choose from. Regardless, all are five-door family SUVs, with plenty of cabin and load space.

One good thing about the Kia range is the way the firm works the specification levels - the only option available is metallic paint. So no matter what model you choose, there are no hidden extras or options to make that choice confusing, and all models come well equipped as standard. The range runs from LX and EX to GSE.

The 1.6-litre four-cylinder petrol engine is incredibly rare, and on the used market around 95 per cent of all examples are diesel powered. Originally offered with the 1.7-litre four-cylinder unit, this was then supplemented by a larger 2.0-litre engine, and you’ll need the larger engine if you want four-wheel drive or an automatic transmission. It’s worth noting though that both of these will add to the CO2 output, and the six-speed automatic is incredibly rare to see in the classifieds.


There’s really not much difference in performance between the 1.7- and 2.0-litre diesel models, so we’d recommend you seek out the (far more common and more economical) 1.7-litre version if you can. Of course it won’t have four-wheel drive, but then again most Sportages never see anything rougher than the speed bumps in the supermarket car park. If you can, find a top-spec GSE variant and enjoy all the comforts it comes with as standard. 


1.7-litre diesel

Engines: 1,685cc four-cylinder
Power: 116hp
Maximum speed: 172km/h
0-100km/h: 11.9 seconds
Fuel economy: 5.2 litres/100km
CO2: 135g/km

Euro NCAP:  * * * * *

• Loaded with equipment
• Seven-year warranty
• Stylish looks

• Post-2010 models only
• Limited engine choice
• 1.7-litre is front-wheel drive only


If style is near the top of your wish list when looking for a family SUV then so too should the Kia Sportage, one of the sleekest cars in the sector. Consider also that even as a second or third owner you can benefit from the firm’s seven-year warranty and it’ll appeal to the head as much as the heart - the low running costs will only add to the list of reasons to enjoy one of your own.