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2016 Ford Fiesta Hatchback Review

The Fiesta defines the class it’s in, for good reason.

Ford’s big-selling Fiesta is still very much the default small hatchback, and deservedly so. The Fiesta might not be the youngest in its category, but it’s the most fun to own and drive, by quite some margin. That’s true of not just the basic models, but the range-topping ST, too.


What is it?
You really need to ask? If you’re trying to describe a supermini then simply saying 'Ford Fiesta' will have your audience understanding. A small hatchback, powered by anything from a tiny turbocharged three-cylinder 1.0-litre petrol engine to a 182hp 1.6 turbo. There are three-door models as well as five-doors, while the extensive standard trim choices are often supplemented by good-value specials like the Red Edition and Black Edition. Many rivals are newer, but a facelift in 2013 kept things up-to-date and it’s a cracking drive.

What is it like?

Pretty much spot on, though admittedly the Volkswagen Polo is classier and the Mazda2 is nearly as engaging to drive. It makes the Opel Corsa and all other comers look stodgy in comparison. Some might better it for interior fit and finish, and, arguably, equipment, but the Fiesta’s good looks, decent overall value and inexpensive running costs make it very desirable. The 1.0 EcoBoost is a real highlight, as are the ST sports models, which make best use of the Fiesta’s impeccable driving manners. 

Carzone verdict: 5/5
If you’ve come here looking for validation that the Fiesta’s for you then you’ve come to the right place. It’s a polished performer, doing everything you want of it very well indeed. Newer rivals may offer better space and additional equipment, but the Fiesta’s all-round offering is one that’s very difficult to ignore. There’s a good choice of engines, but the 1.0T  EcoBoost with 100hp is economical and eager, making the diesel unnecessary unless you plan on doing long distances regularly.