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2016 Honda Jazz Hatchback Review

Honda’s Jazz is clever, spacious and beautifully built, if expensive.

If you’re after the most cleverly packaged supermini out there, then look no further than the Honda Jazz. The boot’s as big as a Volkswagen Golf's, while the build quality is impeccable. Shame it's a little expensive.


What is it?
The Honda Jazz exemplifies Honda’s unique approach to engineering, the Jazz undeniably clever, its interior packing truly marvellous and the build quality exceptional. It’s expensive though, and in the supermini class against cars like the big-selling Ford Fiesta, Opel Corsa and even the Volkswagen Polo, that’s a problem. A great little big car, but one that however clever and space efficient it is lacks the affordability of its many, many cheaper, more interesting to drive rivals. 

What is it like?
Sensationally packaged. The Jazz is very clever. More people are likely to get excited about low prices and CO2 outputs than the fact the clever fold-up back seats mean you can load all manner of things across the rear passenger space. The single 1.3-litre petrol engine is peppy, but its lowest emitting choice is when mated to a whiny (and very slow) CVT automatic transmission. It’s undeniably beautifully built, but there’s no sub-100g/km model.

Carzone verdict: 3.0/5
The Jazz is a very impressive small car that’s stymied to a degree by its pricing and lack of a sub-100g/km CO2 offering in its line-up. In isolation it’s difficult not to be impressed, as the 1.3-litre petrol engine is smooth and willing and the drive good - even if the suspension is a bit firm. The build quality is impeccable, the versatility sensational, but to compete against its intended rivals it needs to be cheaper.