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2015 Hyundai i20 Hatchback Review

Hyundai i20 has the measure of its supermini rivals.

It used to be easy to overlook Hyundai’s offering in the supermini class, but that’s no longer the case with the i20. Neatly styled, nicely appointed inside, refined and good value, the i20 is difficult to ignore now - even more so thanks to its five-year warranty.


What is it?
Hyundai’s supermini, which pitches it into the toughest marketplace out there. Its predecessor had a job enticing buyers from diverting from their normal Opel Corsa, Ford Fiesta and Volkswagen Polo buying habits, but in the current i20 that changed, as it’s easily as good as those familiar rivals, making it well worth consideration. Spacious, refined and a decent value package, the lowest sit in tax Band A2. It’s not the most exciting supermini to drive, but there’s still plenty other stuff to get excited about.      

What is it like?
Good looking inside and out, spacious, too, the long wheelbase means even the rear seats offer plenty of room. The dash is tactile, there’s plenty of kit - so long as you avoid the entry Classic trim - and it’s a competent car to drive. Not exciting, but it rides well and shifts gears sweetly enough, though the 1.2-litre petrol engine is lacking low-rev urge. The 1.1-litre diesel solves that, but you’ll need to cover a high mileage to offset the greater purchase price. 

Carzone verdict: 3.5/5
Hyundai’s moved on from cars that appeal entirely to your sense of value, to building cars that you’ll want - that happen to be a good deal. The i20 exemplifies that, as it can compete on a like-for-like basis with its mainstream competition, yet offers a warranty that betters them and a comprehensive specification as standard. It trails the very best on emissions and economy, but we’re talking an extra €20-ish a year in tax here, so it’s hardly bank-breaking stuff. Well worth a look.