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2015 Nissan Micra Hatchback Review

The Nissan Micra used to be fun...

The Nissan Micra used to be a supermini mainstay, the funky predecessor to the current car a rightfully popular choice. Nissan dropped the ball with this generation, making it a 'world car', built to a price for developing markets and it’s just not as good as the cars it once competed alongside.


What is it?
Something of an apologetic supermini offering. While everyone else is striving upmarket Nissan took the Micra the other way, removing costs and adding cheapness, without a leap in its value proposition. The design is forgettable compared to its funky predecessor, the interior materials feel low-rent and the sole 1.2-litre petrol engine isn’t anything like as efficient as the best of its rivals'. Three trims, two transmissions and not much else, the Micra’s a shadow of its former self.             

What is it like?
From a company that’s produced vehicles as groundbreaking as the Qashqai, Juke and Note, the Micra is genuinely disappointing, especially when you consider how individual its predecessor was. To drive it’s below average, with poor refinement, an unsettled ride and poor handling - all its rivals do it better. Add a cheap-feeling, narrow cabin and the Nissan’s tough to recommend, but then Nissan obviously knows that, and throws in the kitchen sink (automatic air conditioning, Bluetooth, cruise control and tyre pressure monitoring amongst others) on even the entry model. 

Carzone verdict: 2/5
We’d need to be offered a stellar deal to even consider the Micra over the alternatives. It’s totally outclassed, even taking into consideration that lengthy standard equipment list. The Micra’s not a car to be considered as anything other than basic, functional transport, which in this class just isn’t good enough.