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2015 Opel Corsa Hatchback Review

Opel Corsa 'just good' in a great class

Heavily revised in 2014, the Corsa gained a much-needed new cabin and a sharper look outside. Welcome as the changes are it remains an average car in a class where exceptional isn’t unusual, though reasonable pricing and some fine engines count in its favour.


What is it?
A very clever update, though Opel called it the new Corsa when it was launched in 2014. But the reality is that under the made-over exterior and nicer interior is the previous Corsa. Opel did take the opportunity to add some new engines, and the cabin is undeniably improved, but it’s still a bit staid to drive against rivals like the Ford Fiesta and Mazda2 in the supermini class. Space is decent inside, though for emissions tax-friendliness the Corsa is bettered by some rivals.

What is it like?
An improved Corsa; you only have to sit inside to understand that, but it’s competing in a class where you need more than a smart interior. Ford’s Fiesta might lack the Corsa’s neat dash, but it’s more enjoyable to drive, while a Volkswagen Polo is classier and a Honda Jazz far more spacious. Nonetheless, the engines are good, the 1.0 petrol a highlight, but overall the emissions aren’t quite as impressive as the class best. A good all-rounder then, that’s unexceptional in any particular area. 

Carzone verdict: 3.5/5
Smarter inside and out, and a few gems in the range, but the excellent 1.0 turbo engine commands a €19,000 starting price, while the cheaper models come with older engines. Only average to drive, push your Opel dealer for a discount and it might be worth buying. We’d have a Ford Fiesta for its greater fun, a Volkswagen Polo for its classiness or a Toyota Yaris for resale value. Not one to avoid, then, but you’re unlikely to love it like you might its rivals.