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2016 Renault Megane Hatchback Review

All-new Renault Mégane hopes to regain some of its previous market share.

Renault’s new Mégane comes back in 2016 bigger, stronger, better equipped and smarter than ever before. This really could be the hatchback that puts Renault back at the top of the sales chart, so long as it doesn’t get too ambitious with its pricing.


What is it?
An all-new Renault Mégane, riding on a bigger platform to bring more space inside, more gravitas outside and a step up in quality and refinement, too. It’s good looking, the bold face dominated by cool lights up front, while rear lamps also make a very obvious style statement. Once a huge seller, the Mégane's been a bit lacklustre of late, but this all-new car promises to change that, with tax-friendly running costs, plus space, equipment and looks that top the class.

What is it like?
On looks alone it’s a winner, but there needs to be more substance when you’re facing up to the Volkswagen Golf, Ford Focus and Opel’s resurgent Astra. The Mégane's got it too, not least as it has one of the biggest cabins in the class. It’s better appointed than ever, as well, even if the materials aren’t quite in the same league as the Golf's. It drives competently rather than brilliantly, though the diesels promise good economy and emissions and upper trim levels bring some cool tech, too.   

Carzone verdict: 3.5/5
Renault is now playing catch up in a marketplace it was once one of the front runners in for sales. The new Mégane's a competitive offering, too, with good looks, high quality and plenty of space on its side. Economical as well, if not particularly exciting to drive. Factor in a lot of equipment and the Mégane looks even tougher to beat, but with a far more competitive hatchback market Renault will need to price it right to get customers through dealers' doors in the first place.