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2015 Skoda Superb Saloon Review

Skoda's Superb is a big value, big saloon.

We all know the Skoda Superb is big, but it’s now better than ever, with smart styling to match its massive space. It's good to drive too and economical; the Skoda Superb is about as rational a buy as you can make, though with the new one it’s now actually desirable, too.


What is it?
A family saloon, that’s luxury limousine in its provision of space. Seriously, if you need legroom, then nothing this side of a Mercedes-Benz S-Class can offer as much rear-seat room, which is why the Superb’s a hit with taxi drivers and families alike. The boot is massive, too. Using engines as elsewhere in the Volkswagen Group portfolio, it’s refined, quick and economical, making it a very, very difficult car to ignore against both its mainstream and premium rivals.  

What is it like?
Apologies for the repetition, but it’s vast. Thing is, for all its interior proportions, it doesn’t feel that big on the road, no bigger than something like a Ford Mondeo, anyway. The interior is nicely finished, too and it's clear that someone in Skoda has been looking at how Audi and Volkswagen do things. There are petrol options, but the 2.0-litre TDI in 150hp guise is the stand-out engine. A smaller 1.6 TDI is also offered, but it’s a bit overwhelmed and brings no economy or emissions advantages.

Carzone verdict: 4.5/5
It feels a bit like you’re cheating in the Superb. It features luxury car space and levels of build quality, in a car that, sensibly specified, doesn’t cost more than a traditional family car. Excellent economy and emissions count in its favour, too, while if you need it there’s an even more commodious estate.