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2015 Toyota Auris Hatchback Review

Big-selling Auris better than it’s ever been

The Toyota Auris has never really had the capacity to excite, but that’s not stopped Toyota shifting them is serious numbers. Thing is, it’s actually better than it’s ever been before, making it a appealing choice against its formidable rivals.


What is it?
Everywhere. The Auris has long been the default hatchback for many Irish buyers. Toyota could be accused of being a little bit predictable with it, but that never did hurt the sales, though with the current car it’s heartening that it hant car it’s heartening that it’s been injected with a little bit more personality. Given it rivals the Volkswagen Golf and Ford Focus that’s no bad thing, the Auris selling more on merit now than ever, though good pricing, equipment and running costs don’t hurt it one bit, either.

What is it like?
Whisper it, desirable. Park the Auris alongside its rivals and on style alone you can justify buying it. That sharpness is evident inside too, with Toyota’s traditional switchgear situated in a nicely built, neatly styled dash. It’s comfortable as well, refinement is high and while it might lack the dynamic prowess of the latest Opel Astra or Ford Focus it doesn’t disgrace itself. The engines offer good economy, the diesels the best sellers, but don’t ignore the 1.2-litre petrol as a sensible, tax friendly all-rounder.

Carzone verdict: 4/5
We might have previously come over all earnest and said an Auris is a sensible buy, but not one to get excited about, but things have changed slightly. It’s not the last word in excitement, but then neither is it so crushingly dull that we’d avoid it. A good car, which in many ways is the measure of its rivals. On this form the next generation Auris could be fighting for class honours rather than just sales.