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2016 Volkswagen Passat Saloon Review

Carzone reviews the latest 2016 Volkswagen Passat, which is more spacious, more comfortable and better equipped than ever before...

Its predecessor sold well in Ireland and around the world, so it’s little surprise that with the new Passat, Volkswagen has stuck to its impressive, proven formula. A little bit predictable as a result perhaps, but the execution is exceptional, and it’s undeniably more alluring than its mainstream competition.


What is it?
A big seller, the previous generation Passat finding plenty of buyers in the Irish market. Understandably, as the Passat arguably bridges the divide between the upmarket and expensive premium players like BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Audi in the family saloon market and all mainstream alternatives. Good looks, a comfortable, refined and beautifully finished interior explain its success, as does the promise of decent performance, both on the road and at the pumps, as the big-selling 1.6 TDI version slotting into the A3 tax band. 

What is it like?

All fairly predictable, this latest Passat polishes the package that was offered before. There’s a bit more space, the cabin genuinely commodious, while the fit and finish are exceptional. There’s plenty of comfort and refinement, too, which does comes at the slight cost of the driving experience. Nonetheless, you’re unlikely to be disappointed behind the wheel, the suspension riding well, refinement good and performance easy. There’s a large estate if you need more carrying capacity, though few will find the saloon’s sizeable boot lacking. 

Carzone verdict: 4/5
There are plenty of cheaper alternatives in the mainstream market, not least the Toyota Avensis, Mazda6, Opel Insignia and plenty more besides, but the slight premium you’ll pay for the Passat is undeniably worth it. There’s a class that permeates everything in the Passat, from the fit and finish, the sharp detailed lines outside and the refined, easy way it drives. That it's more spacious, more comfortable and better equipped than ever only helps its case, and makes sure it’ll remain a top seller for the foreseeable future, too.