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Supercars on an Irish airport runway

It isn't everyday that you get to see supercars racing down an airport runway, but that's exactly what happened at Runwayclub Challenge 1000 in Association with Carzone. Irish supercar and performance car owners gathered at Weston Airport in Dublin to test their cars on the kilometre-long runway sprint!

An incredible collection of supercars were in attendance at Runwayclub, including Teslas, Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Porsches and McLarens amongst many others. A striking purple McLaren 720S was crowned the fastest car over the one kilometre sprint, reaching an eye-watering top speed of 289km/h.

Cars were grouped into three different categories depending on their power output and the classes were Category 1 (450bhp+), Category 2 (320bhp - 450bhp) and Category 3 (200nhp - 320bhp). Carzone contested the Category 3 class in a Lotus Exige, which proved very competitive.